"Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; correct, rebuke, and encourage with great patience and teaching."
Our Ministry Philosophy

​Every ministry at First Baptist Church exists to fulfill the mission of our church: to declare God’s truth, disciple God’s people, delight in God’s Son, and display God’s glory. 

First Baptist Church is not a programmatic, top-down church. While we do have several formal ministries of the church, our primary focus is not to create new programs for members to participate in. Instead, we seek to preach and apply the whole Bible with the goal of fulfilling the command in 2 Timothy 4:2: correct, rebuke, and encourage one another. We trust that God will use his Word to build up his church. Focusing the public ministry of the church on the Bible helps ensure that the church is pursuing God’s agenda, rather than ours. The Bible is a means of grace for the people of God and all men. God uses Scripture to show us our sins and invite us to repent and to mold Christians into the image of Jesus Christ. Because we believe the Bible is true without any mixture of error, we aim to make instruction from it the center of all our ministries.

Our desire is to cultivate cultures whereby we have embedded in the DNA of our church an organic ministry of serving one another, discipling one another, and sharing the gospel with those who are not yet followers of Jesus. The purpose of our formal ministries is to help us as a church do what Jesus has called us to do, namely, make disciples of all peoples. We believe the gospel informs, shapes, and fuels all that we do, from adults to youth to children’s ministry.

Our Ministries